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Socio-Economic Value

Kinross generates value for our host communities through local job creation, procurement, tax payments and donations. This value helps to reduce poverty, sustain strong communities and contributes to improved well-being and prosperity. We measure this value through Kinross’ “Benefit Footprint,” our metric for tracking the distribution of our direct economic footprint in host communities. We strive to enhance our value by engaging with local governments, communities and civic institutions to seek ways to translate benefits into sustainable, long-term improvements that last after the mine closes.

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Local Benefit and Community development

In 2023, Kinross generated significant benefits by spending more than $4.1 billion globally through tax payments, jobs, procurement and community support.


Local Employment

Creating meaningful livelihoods for our employees is one of the most powerful positive social impacts of our business, especially when we are able to create new opportunities for diverse and potentially vulnerable groups who may have limited alternatives, such as women, youth and residents of remote areas. Our operations employ more than 6,000 people in a wide variety of trades and professions – from geologists and miners, to engineers, electricians, mechanics, accountants, information technology specialists, and more. About 99% of our total workforce and 92% of management are from within host countries.

The skills, knowledge, and experience our employees gain while working for Kinross help them succeed throughout their careers. Stable employment and compensation contribute to improved well-being for our employees and their families.

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Approximately 99% of our workforce are nationals from host countries

Local Procurement

We purchase a broad range of materials and services to support our mining activities. Through our supply chain and community relations teams, we strive to apply Kinross’ purchasing power to support local businesses and help foster local sustainable development. Together with our local procurement teams, we engage with local suppliers to meet our company-wide target of between 75% and 80% of spending within our host countries. We have consistently met or exceeded our target for in-country procurement spending of 75% to 80%.

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Local Procurment In 2023, Kinross spent $3 billion globally through procurement.