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Our Approach

At Kinross, we believe that responsible mining generates sustainable value for investors, host countries and communities. We prioritize health and safety and strive to create positive economic and social benefits and improve the overall quality of people’s lives in a manner that is sustainable beyond the life of mine, while being responsible stewards of the environment.

Managing Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is integral to our business strategy at each stage of the mine life cycle, and across all functions. We operate according to the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics and honesty, and are committed to the protection and promotion of human rights wherever we work. Our policies, systems and programs align with good practice as defined by the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles. We measure and manage CR performance on an equal footing with operations, financial and other core functions across our business.

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Corporate Responsibility Governance

Our organizational structure integrates the governance and management of corporate responsibility from the highest levels of the Company.

Responsibility for CR at Kinross resides:

  • At the Board of Directors with the Corporate Responsibility and Technical Committee (CRTC), which oversees the development of strategy, policies and management systems relating to all aspects of safety and sustainability including health and safety, environmental performance, energy and climate change, and social performance
  • At the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), with the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, who reports to the President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Through the Executive ESG Committee, an internal cross-functional body who reports to the Senior Leadership Team and the CRTC.
  • At the functional level with the Senior Vice-President, Safety and Sustainability, who is responsible for execution of Kinross' CR Strategy and leads a global team with responsibility for health, safety, environment and community relations
  • Regionally, through the regional Senior Vice-Presidents, Operations who are responsible for region-wide CR performance
  • At the site level, with each General Manager and designated teams for health and safety, environment and community relations

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chart We maintain the highest standards of corporate governance, ethics, and honesty in all of our dealings, and operate in compliance with the law wherever we work.

Measuring Corporate Responsibility Performance

While corporate responsibility informs many of our activities, it is grounded in health, safety, environment and community relations, collectively known in Kinross as our “First Priorities”. We have identified and measure our performance against leading and lagging performance indicators in all ten areas of our Safety and Sustainability Policy. A cornerstone of our corporate responsibility management system is the direct link between performance in the First Priorities and remuneration, specifically short-term compensation. From our operations and projects, through to Kinross’ Senior Leadership Team, our performance in the First Priorities is measured and reported as part of our Corporate Responsibility Performance Metric (CRPM), which rolls up specific key performance indicators in health and safety, environment, and community relations. At the operational level, “First Priorities” are also integral to how performance is measured against site-specific metrics.

Measuring CR performance

Managing Environmental, Social and Governance Risks

We have a responsibility to manage and mitigate all risks arising from our business activities. Our Safety and Sustainability Policy embeds our commitment to “Do No Harm” at all stages of the mine life cycle and across all of our sites. It guides our Company as we work proactively to understand, prevent and mitigate any potential risks arising from our mining activities. This commitment is further reinforced by our long-standing participation in the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and our reaffirmation annually to the Ten Principles of the UNGC, including support for a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Across our operations and projects, taking a precautionary approach is fundamental to our commitment to responsible mining and is supported by our enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) process.

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Managing Environmental Risks