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We believe that responsible mining generates sustainable value in host communities and host countries. Across our operations and projects, we strive to create positive economic and social benefits and improve the overall quality of people’s lives in a manner that is sustainable beyond the life of mine, while minimizing the impacts to our host communities.

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Stakeholder Engagement

When it comes to our communities, everything begins with direct interaction with our stakeholders. We build trustful relationships based on sincerity, reliability, clarity, and personal contact, and seek to deliver productive outcomes. We actively reach out to understand the views, needs, and concerns of stakeholders while being transparent about our operations, the impacts that they cause, and our performance. From formal dialogue tables to investor presentations, we use a variety of approaches to engage stakeholder groups, ranging from the local community to the investor community. All of our sites have formal community grievance mechanisms in place.

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Stakeholder Engagement 90,000 stakeholders engaged
Through active engagement and dialogue, our goal is to keep our neighbours informed about our activities, and provide them with opportunities to raise issues of interest or express their concerns.

Indigenous Communities

Our aim is to develop and operate projects in a manner that respects and strengthens indigenous communities and brings positive contributions to their quality of life which are sustainable after mine closure. We develop specific engagement strategies for indigenous groups as we recognize that they may be vulnerable to exclusion from the benefits of mining development. We believe that when mining is undertaken with appropriate safeguards, and in the spirit of cooperation and consultation, it is a strong source of positive benefits for host communities and indigenous groups.

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Consistent with the rights of indigenous peoples in the countries where we operate, we undertake a number of actions to ensure our operations respect indigenous communities and contribute to their quality of life.

Planning for Closure

We take a life of mine approach to our business and we strive to meet host community expectations so that the benefits from mining continue well beyond the cessation of our operations. For Kinross, planning for closure goes beyond our recognized environmental reclamation program. It means taking into account the potential socio-economic impacts of mine closure and working in partnership with local stakeholders to help build a positive legacy in our host communities. To meet this objective, we require all of our operating sites to develop and maintain a plan for social closure as one of the standards in our Site Responsibility Plan Management System.

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Planning for closure