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Kinross is closely monitoring the ongoing global pandemic and continues to implement a comprehensive COVID-19 management plan in an effort to protect the health and well-being of our employees and host communities while maintaining business continuity.  

Global Response

Kinross has taken precautionary and preventative measures and put contingency plans in place across its global operations that prioritize the health and safety of our employees, their families and our host communities.

For an overview of the Company's initial COVID-19 mitigation efforts, see our COVID-19: Global Response video here.

Kinross’ ongoing response - which is managed within the framework of preparedness protocols and contingency plans developed by its COVID-19 Task Force, with input from health authorities and the Company’s expert medical and travel advisors - have, to date, also mitigated material impacts to our portfolio. These plans, which are updated regularly, include:

  • individual site management controls and safety measures
  • quarantine procedures and on-site isolation facilities
  • emergency medical preparedness
  • supply chain contingency plans


Protecting Our Workforce

The Company has implemented protective measures across its portfolio that prioritize the health and safety of its workforce and aim to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These measures include implementing physical distancing and the use of masks or face coverings where appropriate.

Kinross is also supporting its workforce through external employee assistance programs, 24/7 emergency medical assistance, and access to Human Resources specialists to ensure our employees’ needs are being met.

Transparent, frequent and timely communication aims to ensure our workforce is informed and supported.

To recognize employees who have made a difference in health and safety, innovation, community support and increasing team morale during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kinross launched the “COVID-19 Champions” program in May 2020. Read more about our COVID-19 Champions on Kinross World.

Monitoring Supply Chain

Supply chain monitoring and risk mitigation have been key areas of focus for the Company. Kinross continues to work with its critical suppliers to minimize potential supply chain disruptions.

Sites and regions continue to review all key consumables and critical item supply chains in order to assess potential disruptions, and to identify mitigating actions, including alternative sources of supply. 

Kinross has implemented contingency and response plans at the global level and worked to increase stock levels of critical items above normal inventory levels where possible.